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Inspirational floors to enhance every project. From homes to hotels, museums to restaurants, Atkinson & Kirby flooring is selected for projects all over the world.

Mansion House, Edinburgh Zoo

Nestled within 82 acres of picturesque parkland at the heart of Edinburgh Zoo, the historic Mansion House stands as a testament to over 200 years of captivating history and timeless tradition, creating an impressive and uniquely versatile setting for events.  Steeped in a legacy dating back to 1720, the Mansion House has undergone significant evolution over the years. In 1793, accountant William Keith reimagined it as a family residence, while the Macmillan family, in 1891, bestowed upon it a traditional baronial makeover. Fast forward to 1912, marking a pivotal shift with the involvement of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. Guided by Sir Robert Lorimer in 1913, the Mansion House underwent visionary changes. Today, it stands as a captivating event venue, seamlessly merging its historic narrative with contemporary charm, making it an ideal venue for weddings and conferences. Within its walls, the interior of the Mansion House unveils a sophisticated design that echoes its rich history. The MacMillan room, a testament to the family's influence, captivates with a beautiful fireplace, intricate crown mouldings, providing a complimentary backdrop to the panoramic views of the Pentland Hills. In keeping with the history of Mansion House, Atkinson & Kirby's Parquet PAR1022 Congaree Smoked Oak flooring was expertly installed and fitted throughout the house by McGarry Flooring.  Parquet wood flooring dates back hundreds of years to when it was originally installed in grand estates, so it’s no surprise that our parquet flooring looks so at home in Mansion House today. Finished in rich shades of burnt toffee, the Congaree Smoked Oak lends a substantial and reassuringly traditional feel to any space. With its dark toffee tones and unique knots and splits, the parquet flooring adds character and an aged feel to the space, enhancing the overall charm of the house. View the full Atkinson & Kirby collection here

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Sixes, Guildford

The newest edition to the cricket restaurant chain, Sixes, opens in Guildford. A bold and colourful space, the venue collaborated with Clarke Gough Joinery to create an entertaining and sociable cricket experience. Situated in Guildford’s central shopping centre, the Tunsgate Quarter, Sixes Cricket has added another of its popular cricket-inspired restaurants to its portfolio. This unique restaurant and bar chain injects fun into cricket, with a dedicated area for playing in each venue. With several netted partitions within the space for playing cricket, participants choose their level before batting against virtual versions of some of the world’s greatest bowlers while friends, family, colleagues, and other patrons look on. The space layout immerses gamers in a fun and social environment, enjoying beverages and food while also getting competitive on the cricket ‘field’. Installed by Andrew Clarke from the award-winning Clarke Gough Joinery, the design takes inspiration from the interior fashions of the 60s and 70s but with a contemporary feel. The eatery is painted in bright, bold, contrasting colours with glowing neon lights, colourful soft furnishings and a nod to the sport with cricket bats hung from the ceiling. To complement the bold décor, Clarke Gough Joinery recommended and installed one of Atkinson & Kirby’s newer products, our Congaree Smoked Oak, in plank for the flooring. The rich, toffee tones of the wood contrast perfectly with the vibrant walls and furnishings. To view the full Atkinson & Kirby collection, please visit

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North Westward Ho, Manchester

As Manchester's newest craft beer pub, North Westward Ho combines classic British charm with coastal-inspired interiors, creating a communal and inclusive pub-like atmosphere in the heart of the city.  Pomona Island Brewery, one of Manchester's largest breweries, has collaborated with Up North Architects on their latest venue, North Westward Ho. Working together to preserve the traditional charm of a pub whilst designing an inviting space for inner-city gatherings. Emphasising the essence of pub spaces, the aim was to create a unique venue at the former Chaophraya site in Pall Mall, Chapel Walks. Combining the appearance of quintessentially British establishments with modernised aspects, the result is a distinctive space that warmly welcomes and caters to all visitors. Taking its name from the legendary old pub ship that was moored at Pomona Docks in the 1970’s, North Westward Ho has a few nautical nods, including vintage paintings and large lamps reminiscent of the guiding glare of lighthouses. The interior showcases a large cascading bar, big feature windows, statement lighting, forest green tiles, and stained glass– providing a very sophisticated setting for a pint. Atkinson & Kirby's Bespoke Adelphi Oak flooring, expertly installed by Clarke Gough, was fitted throughout to complement the pub's classic ambience. With its dark coffee tones and unique knots and splits, the flooring adds character and an aged feel to the space, enhancing the overall charm of the pub. View the full Atkinson & Kirby collection click here

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No.17 The Promenade & No.26 By The Sea

No. 17 The Promenade Hotel and No. 26 by the Sea, Oban's newest boutique hotels, offer contemporary luxury in Scotland's chicest coastal destination. In 2020, the scenic coastal town of Oban welcomed its first boutique hotel, No. 26 by the Sea, under the ownership of local entrepreneur, Paul Sloan. This establishment set a new standard for coastal accommodations. Building on its success, No. 17 The Promenade Hotel was unveiled in the summer of 2022, following a complete makeover of a Victorian guesthouse, resulting in a luxurious coastal retreat. Nestled in the heart of the Victorian Esplanade, No. 17 The Promenade Hotel seamlessly combines historical charm with modern comfort. It's conveniently located just a short 5 to 10-minute stroll from the town centre, making it an ideal base for guests to explore Oban's local culture and attractions. At No. 17 The Promenade, luxury takes centre stage in its 19 guest rooms. Each room is adorned with vibrant printed wallpapers in calming hues. The bathrooms feature intricate tiling and vintage furnishings, including classic dial telephones to add character and charm. The room options range from cosy and snug to spacious and opulent, with some offering breath-taking sea views. To enhance the interiors of both No. 17 The Promenade Hotel and its sister property, No. 26 by the Sea, Atkinson & Kirby’s Bespoke Dark Finger Jointed Oak flooring (RDF1006) from their refined collection of Solid Wood Flooring was chosen. The deep, rich tones of this bespoke flooring create a striking statement in every room, with visible knots and splits adding character and a uniquely aged charm, complementing the vibrant coastal surroundings. View the full Atkinson & Kirby collection here: Image below: No.26 By The Sea

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Avro Apartments, Manchester

The recently refurbished Avro Apartments, Manchester's largest complex of loft apartments, provide historic luxury in one of the city's last remaining untouched Victorian mills, whilst paying homage to the building’s industrial roots.  In one of Manchester's largest regeneration areas, the Northern Quarter, a historic Grade II* listed Victorian mill, underwent a remarkable transformation into 31 luxury loft apartments. Originally known as Brownsfield Mill, this iconic building located by the Rochdale Canal, was constructed in 1825 and features Manchester’s oldest surviving mill chimney. Transformed by the architects at Stephenson Hamilton Risley Studio in collaboration with contractors Urban Splash, their approach and attention to detail has delivered a high-end residential complex. Allowing the charming, warm-toned original industrial features to shine through, whilst now accented by modern industrial-influenced elements crafted from high quality materials inspired by the building’s heritage.  The building was once home to A.V. Roe & Co., Britain's first aeroplane manufacturer and it was also the one-time workplace of eminent artist LS Lowry, who served as the building’s rent collector. The name ‘Avro Apartments’ pays homage to the Avro biplanes that were once constructed within its walls. Each of the 31 luxury loft apartments within this historic building reflects its industrial heritage, featuring exposed mill boards, thick timber planks spanning between main beams without joists, and salvaged materials used throughout. Atkinson & Kirby’s Bespoke hand scraped white-washed rustic oak flooring was chosen to be fitted throughout Avro Apartments. The bespoke flooring was a perfectly selected design choice, with the delicate whitewashed oil of the Oak enhancing the abundance of natural character knots, splits and grain variation. Its subtle grey hue provides a modern foundation, whilst the rustic grade adds character that compliments the historic surroundings. View the full Atkinson & Kirby collection here:  

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Nine Elms, London

As Nine Elms newest 53-storey residential towers, No. 8 and No. 9 Thames City offer contemporary luxury in a vibrant redevelopment zone. As Europe's largest regeneration zone, Nine Elms is the most ambitious regeneration project undertaken in London for decades. Located on the south bank of the River Thames in Nine Elms, No. 8 and No. 9 Thames City are impressive new 53-storey residential towers. With their prime central and riverside location, they offer a vibrant destination for city dwellers and visitors. From these towers, residents can enjoy captivating views of central London and its iconic landmarks on the upper floors, while the lower levels offer a serene and natural setting, surrounded by the beautiful public space of Linear Park and a secluded private residents' garden. Nestled within No. 8 and No. 9 Thames City are stylish interiors and luxurious living. Each apartment boasts a contemporary design with high-end finishes, enhanced by panoramic views from floor-to-ceiling windows. This sophisticated and comfortable living experience sets a new standard for luxury in Nine Elms. Atkinson & Kirby’s Bespoke Dark Grey Smoked Oak flooring was chosen to be fitted throughout No. 8 and No. 9 Towers. The bespoke flooring was a perfectly selected design choice, with its dark smoked finish and elegant marbled colour variation adding a beautifully unique aged look to compliment the bright surrounding modern interiors. View the full Atkinson & Kirby collection here:  

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Lighthouse Children's Home, London

The Lighthouse Pedagogical Trust is a charity that creates inviting homes where children can thrive. The Lighthouse Children’s Home in Sutton, London, has been designed with its purpose in mind, providing a safe and cosy home for up to six children. The Lighthouse Pedagogical Trust was founded by Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang in 2017 to set up children’s homes that allow children equal care opportunities. They teamed up with Conrad Koslowsky Architects, who fulfilled the brief by creating a safe home where both children in care and care leavers can thrive. The home was created with security and comfort in mind, being made to feel like a home, not an institution. Starting off as a derelict retirement home, the design team have expertly transformed the building into a modern yet cosy home space. Featuring six generous bedrooms, complete with en-suite bathrooms, for 12–17-year-olds, a dedicated sleeping-in room for overnight staff and two flexible flats on the second floor for care leavers with more independence, aged from 16+. The double kitchen provides room for thriving young cooks and the two large living rooms encourage play, education and relaxation. The soundscape and layout of the building were carefully considered, with all living rooms having two exit routes to reduce feelings of entrapment for children. Deep thresholds with acoustic treatment serve to create extra privacy and a serene atmosphere. Conrad Koslowsky focused on durability when developing the home, as opposed to other children’s homes he visited, which used cheap materials in anticipation of their replacement. The quality materials used throughout create a warm and playful feel; the doors and their frames are solid oak, providing sturdy and beautiful finishes. Atkinson & Kirby’s Carron Oak flooring was installed throughout the property. The timeless elegance and rustic appearance of the timber adds to the homely feel of the space. Paired with warm décor and cosy architecture, Carron Oak provides a welcoming feel to the home. The visible grain and natural knots of the wood also help to add a sense of familiarity to the space. To view the full Atkinson & Kirby collection, please visit: Visit Conrad Koslowsky Architects website, Images by Edmund Sumner  

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Atkinson & Kirby’s Lewis Oak featured on BBC’s Scotland Home of the Year

Home renovator Emma (@phemieloves) has transformed her nineties Scottish home to a modern open plan space that is full of vivid hues, which recently saw a special feature on BBC’s Scotland Home of the Year.                                                          Documenting her renovation journey on her Instagram account, @phemieloves, Emma has paired white walls with pops of colour throughout her Scotland home.   The minimalist walls and kitchen cupboards create a neutral backdrop for the colourful accessories, establishing a vibrant home that doesn’t overwhelm. She has used decorative pillows, ornaments and furniture to add brightness to her home in a customisable way. In her open plan living room and kitchen diner, the wooden furniture perfectly balances her colourful soft furnishings, giving a seventies inspired nod to the space. The large windows bring the garden’s greenery into the house, illuminating the space with natural light and colour. Emma’s stylish wall gallery incorporates in a variety of colours and patterns as well as more minimalist prints. The abstract paintings contain vivid tones that establish the colour palette throughout the home, tying the décor together perfectly to create a contemporary feel. Atkinson & Kirby’s Lewis Oak flooring was installed throughout the home. The sleek, timeless elegance of the solid wood flooring gives the space a warm feeling that complements the modern decoration and bright colours. The presence of knots and natural colouring in Atkinson & Kirby’s classic wooden flooring creates a rustic, raw appearance that balances the modern white walls and clean, bold colours in Emma’s home. To Emma’s delight, the home was featured on BBC Scotland’s Home of the Year, being described as an on trend, fun and a relaxing home to be in. Judges commented on Emma’s awareness of design, stating that she used all of the best brands to transform her home.

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