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Super Rustic Grade

Super Rustic Grade

Super rustic floors are our most varied and characterful boards. The super rustic grade is given when characteristics such as large splits are a prominent feature of the floor. They may be sanded or finished to accentuate the appearance and create a floor full of character and natural variation.

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Westray Oak Westray Oak CLA1008

The super rustic grade and brushed finish of Westray Oak give it an aged and traditional look. The dark tones will give any room a vintage feel when combined with luxurius furnishings.

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Arran Oak Arran Oak CLA1009

Arran Oak flooring is full of character and charm. The natural grain of the oak is enhanced by the UV Oil finish whilst filled knots and splits are visible.

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Tweed Oak Tweed Oak CLA3009

This natural oak flooring is brushed and UV oiled to add texture and life to any environment. The large natural characteristics including filled splits and knots give an aged feel whilst creating a timeless and traditional appearance.

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Finsbury Oak Finsbury Oak CON2009

The dark tones of Finsbury Oak gives depth and luxury to any room. The super rustic grade shows the natural characteristics of wood such as splits and knots for added character.

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Commercial Flooring Collection

As a supplement to our existing flooring range, this year we have two extra collections ideally suited to the particular requirements of specifiers.

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring offers the same sophistication of a solid wood floor, while using smaller amounts of eco-precious hardwoods and benefiting from added practicality. Suitable for use with underfloor heating, our precision engineered flooring boards deliver on style, with exceptional quality, stability and performance.

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Solid Hardwood Flooring

For some, there's nothing quite so authentic as a solid natural block or plank floor. Our solid timber floors are a statement of quality, which goes back to Atkinson & Kirby's roots in 1903. Whilst the format is steeped in tradition, the character you can give a space with solid wood is as varied as the tonal richness of wood itself.

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Flooring Accessories

A range of flooring accessories, from underlay to skirting, designed to keep your floor in pristine condition.

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