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We are proud to manufacture our flooring accessories in Britain. With our mill located in North Wales, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint.

At Atkinson & Kirby we understand the need for an intelligently selected range of wood flooring styles, providing you with a variety of options to suit every project. Established as a family firm in 1903, Atkinson & Kirby has been supplying hardwood flooring for over one hundred years.

As an industry leader in solid hardwood and engineered flooring we are committed to finding innovative trend-led concepts and designs, whilst providing the authentic flooring our customers are accustomed to.

A selection of Atkinson & Kirby flooring accessories are produced in Britain at our manufacturing facility located in North Wales; this reduces our carbon footprint and the amount of air pollution we would generate if these products were imported from another country. Our manufacturing facility forms part of our extensive business history, the factory was built in 1989, when our sister company, Richard Burbidge, first started manufacturing timber mouldings. Due to the rapid growth of the company, state of the art equipment was installed.

Today, our North Wales manufacturing facility is home to everything timber including our flooring accessories. Many of our dedicated manufacturing team have been crafting timber with us since the very beginning, with our longest serving employee being with us for 39 years, you can be sure our team are able to craft the highest quality products.

With so many years under our belt we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise at our fingertips and have supplied floors for a variety of projects including residential, hospitality and retail. Over the years we have experimented with various types and styles of wood in order to bring you the finest offerings in quality hardwood flooring.

Atkinson & Kirby continues to be a close-knit team that respects the craft tradition whilst always looking at the future of wood flooring. We're proud to be one of the few remaining manufacturers of hardwood flooring accessories in the UK, applying innovation to ensure you constantly have the broadest, highest quality range at your fingertips.

We are extremely proud of our extensive list of certifications, from sustainability, environmental, safety and quality, our accreditations are unrivalled. We are always striving to create the most sustainable high-quality floors, which outperform all competition, which we have achieved with our latest collections. For our environmental promise click here.

We create beautiful, practical and sustainable wood flooring that enables you to define your own style and space.

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